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Information Rich and Information Poor

The information rich have access to information and information technology equipment such as many TV and radio channels, books, newspapers and journals, and of course computers and the World Wide Web. The information rich also have the knowledge to use the technology to obtain information to help them make informed decisions.

The information poor tend to not have access to the Web and probably find it difficult to access relevant books and journals. Even in general conversations a discussion about a TV programme shown on satellite TV will be lost on people who only have 4 or 5 terrestrial channels. The information poor may lack the skills or knowledge to access information.

Digital Divide

The gap between the information rich and the information poor is often called the digital divide. It is not a gap between those with lots of money and those without.

The gap can exist between many groups in society such as:

  • old and young
  • english speaking and non english speaking
  • third world and developed world society
  • diffierent cultural groups
  • rural and urban locations